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Primitive Trail, Bluff Mountain Trail

  • 06/25/2022
  • 9:45 AM
  • Doughton Park


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Type of Outing: Hike
When: SAT 06/25/2022 9:45 am
Signup Deadline: June 2
Mobile or Landline: Mobile
Distance: 9 miles
Difficulty: R-R-41, Moderate
Elevation Gain: 3289 ft.
Description: This hike will start at Alligator Back Overlook and head North on the Bluff Mountain Trail toward the Primitive Trail. We will continue down the Primitive Trail, to the Grassy Gap Fire Road and then back up Bluff Mountain Trail and back to Alligator Back Overlook. There are 3-4 stream crossings so bring your water shoes or plan to take your shoes off to wade across. 9 miles R41.
Required Gear: Water shoes optional
Notes: 3-4 stream crossings
Leader: Tom Esker
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