Google Groups Information

Any member who is registered on the club's Google Groups Email List can send information directly to all other club members. To give information about pickup outings, updates to Trailmarker outings, or other information of interest to club members, send an email to

Please read the Usage Tips document for more information about use of this broadcast list. 

Top usage tip: Do not "Reply all" to posts from Google Groups, always reply solely to the sender, to avoid inundating all club members with extraneous email.
Keep in mind that as often as not we are trying to reach a specific, limited audience with an informational post, and that with just a little effort a private, group post directed to just these individuals can be easily crafted.

If you are not currently receiving PHOC Google Groups emails, but wish to begin, please email a request to our Membership Committee.

PHOC broadcast posts should be primarily related to club outings. Occasional informational, non-advocacy posts that are club related are permitted provided they are not offensive, commercial, religious, political or in some other way clearly inappropriate. The PHOC is not an advocacy organization. Informational, non-outing related posts should be infrequent, brief, and in the form of a link or point to where further information may be obtained, such as in a newspaper article. Posts relating to accidents, illness, death of club members or relatives are permitted.

It is recognized that these guidelines create wide latitude in interpretation.  The President will be reviewing all posts, and if a post appears to be inappropriate it will be brought to the attention of the sender for discussion. Club members who repeatedly violate PHOC broadcast guidelines will have their posting privileges suspended.

Pickup Hikes

In deciding whether to broadcast an announcement of a pickup hike, please remember that a hike on any given day is appropriate if another hike is not already offered on that day (either in the Trailmarker or via a previous pickup broadcast) that has the same combination of the following characteristics: (1) within the same range of R rating  (see Hike Rating Guide), (2) within the same range of driving distance, and (3) on the same type of terrain--for example, the number of required stream-crossings, the trail condition, and open or shady environment

Email Addresses

Please keep your email address on file updated. You can do that right from your account profile, by clicking on your name in the upper right hand corner of any page on this site once logged in.

Note - Your privacy is ensured with both PHOC.Club and Google Groups email communication methods, we never distribute member email addresses.

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