The President's Corner

Now that the final days of 2022 are upon us, we have much to look back from the year as well as fun days to look forward to. In 2022 we started meeting again in person and hearing about member’s exceptional adventures. We launched a new website and are starting to enjoy its conveniences. We hiked many mountain trails, pitched tents, crossed creeks and climbed ladders and rocks. We had close encounters with wildlife including longhorn cattle, ponies, a few snakes, and even a yellow jacket or two. We took bike rides, fixed flats, ate gourmet meals, paddled rivers, lakes and gulfs. Many traveled the world and have beautiful pictures to prove it. A few of us took some tumbles, some even battled COVID but recovered. While we are working off those holiday calories ahead of us, we can also be enjoying the cool mornings, perfect hiking and camping weather and our first holiday party in December in two years. Not to be forgotten will be our traditional New Year’s Day at Hanging Rock where I hope many of you will join me hiking in the New Year.

Many thanks to Wayne Hale for coordinating the outings for this Trailmarker edition, and also to all our outing coordinators this year including Vance, Wes, Sandy, Donna, and now Ken Yates, who will be assembling outings for January and February. These folks, along with our outing leaders have made for another terrific year for the PHOC. Be thinking about cool winter outings you would like to make to start 2023!

Sincere thanks as well to Tom Esker, our website coordinator, who has guided us to our new website partner as well as made countless adjustments and improvements since we changed over last spring. For those who have not done so yet, I highly recommend downloading the Wild Apricot App to your smart phone. Use the same password as you do for the website to keep connected to members and events where ever you go.

As we head out in to the outdoors in the coming weeks, maybe think of John Muir’s words, so that “Nature’s peace will flow in to you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness in to you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like
autumn leaves”

Best wishes to all for a wonderful holiday season and start to a new year!

Dave Johnson


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