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South Mountain State Park - Chestnut Knob/Little River

  • 10/15/2022


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Type of Outing: Hike
When: SAT 10/15/2022
Signup Deadline: 9/16/2022 5:00 pm
Leader: Wayne Hale
Distance: 10 miles
Difficulty: R-37, Moderate
Elevation Gain: 2,200 ft.
Description: This route has a wonderful view looking across the valley to High Shoals Falls as we make our initial ascent on Chestnut Knob Trail. Continuing on to Sawtooth Trail we will make our first food stop at the picnic table which has the best overlook for viewing the interior of the park.  We'll continue on Sawtooth trail and turn northeast on Horseridge Trail and then Upper CCC Trail, along which we'll have our second food break.  Our return to Jacob Fork parking area will be along Little River Trail. 10 miles, 2200-feet [R 32]. Possible option: Add 2 mile hike to the falls and back. 2500-feet [R 37] Sign up by Friday noon, October 17th if you plan to go.
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